This day a year ago we organized our first meetup in Belgrade! There were 11 of us and the meetup was really great. There was no big plans at that moment. We just wanted to meet more people that love JS as we do.

After that, we organized another 12 meetups, 2 Node School events and Coderetreat. Everything was much more sucessful than we expected.

We had a few amazing speakers - Bogdan Gavrilović, Goran Gajić, Aleksandar Simović, James Halliday Substack, Gojko Adžić, Igor Terzić, Stephan Bönnemann, Martin Kleppe, Marko Kažić and Dejan Dimić!
And we discussed a lot of great topics.

We had a great support, too, thanks to ICT Hub, Startit, Cloud Horizon, Toptal, Seven Bridges Genomics, and many others.

It's hard to mention all the great people that helped us.

But most important - we learned a lot and met a lot of the amazing people. None of those things would be possible without all of you!
Thanks for participating, helping, suggesting...

See you in 2016!
We plan some new great things.

PS. As always, we are open for all suggestions. Send them in a contact form below or on our Slack.

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JS Belgrade

JS Belgrade is JavaScript User Group from Belgrade, Serbia. Our goal is to connect Belgrade's JavaScript community through monthly meetups.

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