On Saturday, the 14th November at Cloud Horizon’s office in Novi Beograd was held coding event as part of Global Day of Coderetreat. Sessions were moderated by Ivan Ćurković.

Interest for event was great but it turned out that the most diligent ones could take the whole Saturday to dive into coding, which in fact made this story more effective and intimate. Therefore, friendly atmosphere with whole day code workout was certainly win-win situation both for beginners and experienced programmers.

Attendants brought variety of programming languages with, such as Ruby, Python, Scala, Java, Golang and surely JS. And, of course, different levels of experience: from beginners to pros.

The framework problem for the workshop was based on Conway’s Game of Life. Throughout the six sessions (45 mins of coding + 15 mins for pause and recap) participants could enforce their out of box thinking, by getting grips with different problems and game cases, as well as Test Driven Development skills.

Just to mention some of them: The first two were mostly dedicated to TDD practice and the stress was especially on code expressiveness. Further was introduced a special case of Game of Life - Conway’s Game of Death. The main problem was to implement a new, zombie cell. Later on came up one brain candy - task to implement a regular game but without basic coding structures: conditionals and loops.

One of favourites was: "Mute Ping Pong". Since pair-coding was in limelight the whole day, this was the right moment to put it on test. One of the peers should implement the tests and the other the code itself, without exchanging a single word on strategy and code. This was a real game in terms of working side-by-side.

In the middle of the day, when few hours of programming started to tax our energy and concentration, we made 2-hour lunch break. This really packed punch.

Finally, question arises: What participant could bring from event with and what one could implement as a part of his everyday programming toolset?

Well, it depends on experience someone has, but anyway there was something for everyone.
In my opinion the key assets were:

  • TDD principles and workouts
  • How unit testing procedures can be implemented in different frameworks and environments
  • Good working spirit coming from pair-programming as well as
  • What one should keep in mind in order to write a good code?

Noteworthy is also the gift from "Global Day od Coderetreat" community - discounts on various developers' book publishers, which will help us to enrich our technical knowledge.

At the end, to cap the work day off and as a good custom, mugs of beer in nearby beer house were real cherry on top.

More photos are available on our Facebook page.

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